The cabins are located in between Hunt and Ingram TX on Hwy. 39 and the Guadalupe River. They were built in the 1920’s by Lillian Council. Her brother Joe Council ran Sherman’s Mill on the Guadalupe River across the road. Joe knew construction and poured the walls for the concrete cabins and Lillian operated it as Camp Sylvan. It remained open until 1967 a few years after Lillian had passed away.

Over the next 45 years the property fell into decline and by 2014 no structures where habitable. Starting in 2015 the cabins began being updated with AC, heat, kitchens, bathrooms, Wi-Fi and Dish TV. There are fire pits and grills for guest use and the Guadalupe River access across the road has swimming, canoeing and fishing available.

The Guadalupe River was first explored by Spanish explorers in the mid 1500’s who wrote about the large Cypress Trees along the banks of the Guadalupe. These journals were later read by settlers who came to the area in the mid 1800’s to harvest the trees.

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